4 Simple Ideas to Read Scripture When You Don’t Have Time

4 Simple Ideas to Read Scripture When You Don't Have Time
We know reading the Bible is essential for the Christian life, but sometimes we get off track. How can we read the Bible in the midst of busy days?

The birds outside woke me up. I rolled over and grabbed the cellphone off the nightstand and pushed the side button to see the time. 8:30AM!? I was supposed to already be homeschooling our oldest and scheduled a work appointment at 9:30AM. I jumped up, and prayed in a rush as I changed clothes, brushed my teeth, and ran into my son’s room to wake him up. The rest of the morning felt just as rushed.

Sound familiar?

Some days start sideways. Our best intentions to spend time reading the Bible get derailed with oversleeping, work demands, or (let’s just be honest) procrastination. We really do want to grow in our relationships with God and we know that He speaks to us through His Word, but sometimes—it just doesn’t work.

Now, of course cultivating a regular rhythm of Bible reading, silence, prayer, and reflection are vital for growing toward a well soul, but those days that just speed ahead without breaks, what can we do?

4 Simple Ideas to Read Scripture When You Don’t Have Time

Follow a digital Bible reading plan that you can access from anywhere.

This idea is my go-to for busy days. I end up waiting somewhere—for something. In this season of life it’s the carpool line, the grocery line, or the child who needs to use the bathroom at Costco. And as I wait, instead of scrolling social media, I open the digital  Ancient Scroll. We can easily pick up the Bible reading we missed for the day in the margins we find on our way.

A couple of my favorite apps are The Bible App and Read Scripture. Have another fav? Leave in the comments!

Read the Bible as soon as you have at least a 5-minute margin.

I call this tip “the first 5.” Before we scroll or check email, meditating on a passage of Scripture for five minutes readjusts our inner vision and helps us live fully with God in the rest of the moments of our day.

Listen to the Bible as you go.

This is my go-to “read the Bible in a year” catch up tip. I’m in the car for at least an hour every day with errands or carpool. That’s a lot of Bible listening!

Make Bible reading a part of your meal-time rhythm.

We’ve got to eat. What meal is most consistent in your life, where you eat in the same place almost every day? For me, it’s dinner. I keep a Bible next to our kitchen table where we eat most nights and read a few verses of Psalms or Proverbs at dinner—not every night—but it’s ready when we do.

It’s best to make Bible reading a part of our daily rhythm— to drink it in Scripture slowly and meditate on it (think about it)—so the Holy Spirit can plant truth in our hearts. Then we can hear His prodding in our souls to live out His Word.

But for those days that just go crazy, we can still soak in His Word on the go.

Do you have any more ideas?

Share in the comments!

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