Hi. I'm
Seana Scott.

Above all else, I love Jesus. 

Every day I seek to follow Him—to do the work God has given me to do (see John 17:4). Sometimes that means practicing long division with my child (Help! Anybody?), or throwing together tacos for dinner.

Other times, I get to teach the Bible to women on Sunday mornings at my church, produce the Well Soul podcast, and write and speak, encouraging you in your relationship with Jesus.

I’m a seminary-trained speaker and award-winning writer (DTS, 2021) who is passionate about creating content that equips and inspires others toward well soul living. 

Our Crazy Crew

I’m married to my best friend, Jason. We enjoy traveling and exploring. Wherever we are, life is an adventure. We serve in ministry in a local church (hubs is an associate pastor) and our days are spent in the middle of loving on our crazy, smart, and creative kids.

Our house is loud and the laundry is never done.

Speaking & Writing

With every word I write and speak, I hope to inspire and equip you to live fully for Jesus and to walk with Him intimately in every moment. 

I would love to come to your corner of the universe to speak at your next ministry event. 

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